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Save Money with Franchise Tech Group:


Franchise Tech Group is dedicated association of technology, equipment, and information experts. That have come together to provide real experience, hands on support and solutions that work for Franchisor companies as well as small Franchisees stores and restaurants. We specialize in taking the technology off your hands. So you can focus on operations and the money.

Computers & Technology

  • One Telecom Carrier for all locations. Master Bill organized by location. Save 25% percent or more on total bill.
  • Master Sales Agent for all major internet & data providers. Provide multiple quotes and competitive quotes on all services. Let us organized your billing and save money - today!
  • Let us help setup virtual desktops for your stores and roaming DMs, HR and Training Teams. Stay PCI Compliant and remove risks of your POS Systems from being hacked!
  • Reduce the costs and risks of on premise servers. Access your data from multiple locations as if it was your main office. Cloud Backup and Redundancy at multiple data centers. Know in case of natural disaster your data is safer and in multiple locations.

POS Tech

We have multiple vendors and support staff in our group. All willing and able to provide professional support that is reasonably priced.

Tech Questions?

Let us help you get answers!


You want unified email for your office and stores. What is the best choice for your group? Let us help you make that choice.

PCI Compliance

We have services and programs to help reduce your risk with PCI Compliance.

Cloud Servers & Network

Which is best in-house Servers or Cloud Servers? When does it make sense to move to the Cloud for data storage and servers? Let us help you make that decision.

VoIP Phone

You want unified phone system for your office and stores. What is the best choice for a VoIP Phone System? Let us help you make that choice.

Security Systems

We have experience with store security, camera, alarms and POS integration. Ask us for help!

Virtual Desktops

What is the best solution for stores and remote workers to access your data, internet, documents? Keep the POS Servers safe - use Virtual Desktop technology. Let us help you make that happen.

Responsive to Your Needs

We will try to be responsive and meet your needs with a reasonable solution.

Request more info and our service team to contact you - today!

Power of Technology

Power of Technology

Franchise Technology Group - Gives you access to a powerful group of professionals to help with your IT, Computer, Equipment and Technology needs.

Lets us help you pick out the technology, equipment, and services you need at the best prices, all with minimal need of support on your side.