Cloud Services:

We are Master Sales Agents for all the major Internet, Voip and Cloud Service providers. 

Let us help you get the services your company needs that provides good service and competitive prices.

Take a look at some of our services:

  • Telephone & Fax - we are master sales agents for all the leading Telecom companies.  (Save 20% to 40% on your phone bill!)
  • Internet & Data - we are master sales agents for all the leading Internet providers.   (Multiple completive quotes - No hassle - No commitment)
  • VoIP & Digital Phones - we are master sales agents for all the leading VoIP phone companies. (Let us help you pick the best system.)
  • Scan to Email solutions - help you setup a system for your stores to be able to scan bills and documents to PDF that does to their email accounts.
  • Fax to email - solutions where the stores faxes goes to their email as PDFs.
  • Microsoft Cloud Licenses - sales agents for office 365 and business applications.
  • Cloud Backup - we have affordable backup in to the cloud with VMware support.
  • Cloud Servers - we have self-managed and fully managed programs to meet all your needs.
  • Virtual Desktops - your stores and in the field DMs, HR and Training Departments.
  • Cloud Exchange Email Server - around the same price as Office365 & Google. You could have a full blown Exchange Server for your company email.
  • Remote Management solutions - Give your IT Dept. remote access to the POS Servers at the stores - Remote Management, Antivirus, updates and more!
  • Cloud Antivirus - keep all your computers safe with the latest antivirus & malware protection, content filtering and more!
  • PCI Compliance - test / audit systems to show you are in compliance.


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