Marketing, Merchandise & Print Services:

MMP Portal:

Media, Merchandise & Print at below market costs.

Our MTPs will deliver a customized web portal for your marketing team to be used by your corporate, concept, brand or franchise units.

Customer Tracker:

Track Customers Live - by using a sensor system that captures cell phone signals and converts it to usable real time data.

Business Reputation Management

More people today use technology and the internet social networks to make the deciding factor YES or NO with using your company. The internet is the new “word of mouth” of the future and with a few clicks they can go to their personally favorite social network and get the “info” on your company that will be more meaningful to their decisions than anything else!


Local Listings and Local SEO:

  • List your company and make easy changes automatically on over 80 local listings search engines.
  • Easy to make menus and special pages that can be shared with the most popular local listings search engines.
  • Fix your address Map location on major cell phone maps, tablets, computer driving map systems such as Google, TomTom, Navmii and others.
  • Enhance your listings on popular local listings search engines with photos, videos, menus, linkable promotions and more.
  • Suppress duplicate listings with the wrong information about your company.
  • Monitor your reviews on major search engines / social networks.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social MediaOptimization (SMO), Website Optimization, and Submissions:

We have a full staff of highly experienced SEO experts.

By increasing the website traffic & rank on Search Engines, (Google, Yahoo, Bing).
We can normally put your web page on the 1st page within 5 to 6 months by using various functions and potential keywords related to your website.



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