Franchise Tech Group is an elite association of Market-driven Technological Professionals (MTP).

That will deliver to your Company, Concept or Brand a cutting edge solution.

An all in one web portal MMP Portal (Media, Merchandise & Print) at below market costs.

Our MTPs will deliver you a customized web portal for your marketing team to be used by your corporate, concept, brand or franchise units.

Below is a quick list of our services, and demo sites of our web portal capacity for your review.

Our MTPs are dedicated to provided your company a turnkey product that is a fully automated system with these features:

  1. Graphic, print, technology and marketing expertise.
  2. Local store marketing experience (LSM)
  3. New store opening (NSO),
  4. Print on demand.
  5. The monthly promotion material.
  6. And the pick and pack.
  7. Merchandise
  8. Monthly Core Marketing Packs and related
  9. Postcards“In-house” direct mail list and postal services
  10. Newspaper inserts

Our mission is:

To fully automate your company’s MMP web portal to be fast, with more reliability, and have best prices possible to share with your stores.

To bring your customized portal to market faster than any other vendor group in the world, with constant organic flexibility.

We have traditional east and west coast offset and digital print on demand systems and more!

1. Provide a locked PDF to Franchisee or Corp Store to allow them to only add or change certain parts of the print job. (see demo below)

2. We have secured west and east coast bonded facilities for all you pick and pack.

3. Additional available features:

The capacity to add marketing dollars/allowances to franchisee account

Social media functionality

Mobile app friendly

Friendly “English speaking” support staff by phone or email 24/7.

Multiple options on billing to franchisee or franchisor.

Have auto email/reminder functions

To alert corporate of inventory shortages

Remind franchise to “get their seasonal or promotional orders in”.

Send a Tony Robbin/instructional/inspirational video explaining how the promotion benefits the stores.

MMP Portal Examples:

Usernames are the same = guest
Passwords are the same = guest

Burgerfi - Web Portal

Burger restaurant Chain with 100 locations – users are store managers that need everything from napkins to signage – we also have direct mail, and even a newspaper ad designer on the site (This was expensive custom programming) but what you can see is that we can put a lot of stuff into these sites

BackBar - Web Portal

This site demonstrates the complexity with which we can build templates – these are over the top complicated each one of these templates took over 2 days to create but they are amazing at what they can do. This site allows bartenders at small remote bars on the strip build menus based on their customer needs without a lot of back and forth with corporate and without a lot of expertise.

Kenneth Cole Stores - Web Portal

This site is primarily a site to handle pick and pack for the stores


 MMP Portal Summary:

All in one Media / Print and Merchandise Web Portal branded for your concept.

Easy to use, edit and upload your media files on our portal.

Friendly “USA” support staff and consultants

Whole Sale like prices with fast delivery.

We currently are servicing over 122 companies both in the US and Europe.

Through the selected Franchise Tech Group member we can demonstrate our reliability, capacity, and speed to market.

We look forward to further illustrate our technological and marketing skill set.

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