Business Internet Service

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We are master sales agents for all the major internet companies and VoIP companies.

If you have a new location being built or out of contract with a current internet provider.

Let us remove the burden of managing your internet accounts and ordering new service.

1. Simplify Billing for your main office and stores.

2. Provide reasonably priced internet for each location, and every year review the provided internet for upgrades and price adjustments.

3. Help work with your IT dept. to get it installed successfully or have our team of techs come to your store and install the internet for you.

4. We offer an additional program for your IT dept. to receive notifications for your current status of the internet, when it goes down, and so forth.

5. No more spending hours and repetitive requests for updates - requesting new internet, confirming when it is going to be installed, which type if best for the location and so forth. 

Give us a copy of your internet bills (out of contract) and we can get started.

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