VoIP - Business Digital Phone Service for multiple locations & stores:

You want to move your company and \ or stores to Digital Phone system (VoIP). 

VoIP = Voice over Internet Protocol, often pronounced "voyp" — is an advanced technology that improves the way we communicate by telephone & multimedia devices using the internet instead of POTS lines. VoIP basically means voice transmitted over a digital network.

POTS Line = is term used to describe Plain Old Telephone Service - standard system of sending / receiving telephone voice grade analog signal transmissions using copper telephone lines.

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 Why VoIP

VoIP phone systems provide exceptional functionality, phenomenal reliability, and crystal-clear call quality while significantly reducing your total cost of ownership. VoIP systems let you work from anywhere, allowing your business to quickly adapt to business requirements.

Make a big impression
Virtual Receptionist directs calls to the appropriate extension. Customized music-on-hold allows you to entertain and educate your customers. Toll free numbers allow you to be reached from anywhere. Professional greetings make a great first impression.

Connect your team
Bring your team together under one number. Direct calls to extensions regardless of location or phone type.

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Find Me/Follow Me
Define a list of phone numbers that are alerted either simultaneously or sequentially for incoming calls.

Voicemail to Email
Send your voice messages to your PC or PDA as .wav recordings.

Work From Anywhere

Take your desk phone with you, forward calls to your mobile, or use a softphone. You have access to all the same communication tools and call management features you would have at the office.

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Issues - VoIP Phone System at multiple locations / stores:

1. Most real VoIP companies will not support multiple small locations within only having 1 or 2 phone lines.

2. How much internet is needed for each location with credit cards, pos system, and security cameras already using it?

3. Support - I need real English speaking support when there is an issue!

4. Cost - we want it to be cheaper than what we pay now for regular phone service.

5. In-house VoIP system or Cloud VoIP system?


Benefites - VoIP Phone system at your stores:

1. Centralized phone system - one phone system for all locations - makes it easier to maintain and manage Advertisements, Announcements and related info for customers to listen to.

Each location can have an advanced call tree (dial by number) - with address and cross streets, monthly advertisements (setup 1 time or all stores), info & announcements section, complaints, billing dept., talk to live person and other optional ring groups.

2. Built in extensions - so one store can transfer a client to another store and main office.

3. Ring to group, phone, cell phone and more.

4. Messages get stores and sent to store email account.

5. Usually monthly costs are cheaper than normal phone system (but require internet).

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Franshise Voip Program for small stores - PDF


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